Storage tower (metal plate) | Model 5006

  • storage tower (metal plate) with shelving operation device Model 5006
  • for the highest storage volume
  • very high load capacities
  • shelf installation for set-up indoors or outdoors.

Details: Storage tower (metal plate)

As in Model 5005, the shelf stands are made of warm-rolled “U” profiles (according to DIN 1025), and are then welded to a baseplate.

The bracket support plates are designed as a sliding track for loads less than 1,000 kg. For loads greater than 1,000 kg, a roller guide is used.

The load cartridges re welded from stable rectangular tubing or other profile types. This includes the corresponding nuts for the grip and pull components in the shelving operation device. Upon request, any attachments can be welded on at the use height. Fixtures for transport safeguards (insertion wedges or similar components) are also possible. Based on the version, the overlay profiles are arranged countersunk in order to enable greater utilisation of height.

Additional fixtures

The storage and removal can take place directly from the pull table, based on the given version. Yet also lengthwise and transverse conveyors can be arranged in order to operate external storage and removal stations. In the event of connection to automatic machines (e.g. laser-powered cutters), handover slots can be defined from which individual pieces of sheet metal can be removed from the cartridge.

There is a series of fixed or transportable de-palletisation aids with which the sheet metal packages can be stored without voluminous re-packaging.

Additional fixtures are found in the section “Fixtures for pallet shelf systems“.