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Rolling-floor installations | Model 4007

  • for sheet or plate storage
  • high ultimate loads
  • lesser space requirement due to its fold-away front side

Details: Rolling-floor installations

With rolling-floor installations, you can conveniently store heavy loads (up to max. 3,000 kg with manual actuators, even greater load capacities with electrical actuators) from above, with a crane or lift truck.

Rolling-floor installations have proven effective as sheet-metal storage towers near the production area, directly adjacent to the machines. Yet also devices, stencils, machine parts etc. are stored here effectively and in a compact form.

Welded, stable roller floors with solid storehouses or rollers warrant a long operating life. Guidance bearings arranged transversely to the pull direction provide for trouble-free guidance at low force levels.

The side-mounted guides can be applied rigidly. In tight spaces (e.g. on drive paths), however, the side-mounted guides can be folded onto the rolling-floor installations.

Furthermore, dual-sided extractable roller floors can be implemented. Of course, these are also available in a fold-away version.

Different models

The use surfaces can be custom-made with a smooth sheet coating, with edges at any height, single- or multi-sided, with wooden coatings, with centering edges, centering tracks or as a simple supporting frame, flush to the support profiles or counter-sunk for height optimisation (possible for loading with e.g. a magnetic traverse). If the storage goods are not palleted, downward-facing support beams can also be used for loading by lift truck. Based on the given storage goods, fixed or attachable sub-dividers, prism support plates or similar structures can be applied to the use surface.

For high load capacities you can extend the levels via electrical actuator. For higher storehouses or high frequencies, the roller floors are also extensible with the aid of a tensile rod. This enables the operator to move the load to a favourable height.

Additional fixtures such as crane installations or ladder systems to also be able to work on higher storage slots are available upon request.