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  • Directions

Metal sheet storehouse | Model 506

  • upright individual sheet or plate storage
  • shelf installation for set-up indoors or outdoors

Details: Metal sheet storehouse | Model 505

Metal sheet storehouse: The shelf system is optimally suitable for storing individual metal plates which in turn are stored upright, either manually or by crane.

The base frame consists of rectangular-tubing or “U” profiles. Available upon request with a roller on the front for easy insertion and retrieval of the sheet metal plates.

The separator bars are made of round tubing or edged sheet metal components. Based on the frame size and type, these are screwed on or welded. For wider sheet metal and crane extraction, the separator bar can be designed to be walkable. This means that the sheet metal to be retrieved can be conveniently affixed to the crane.

Floor sheets are placed on the base frame to protect the flush sheet metal edges.

For manual removals, we recommend attaching a pull-out roller in front of the floor sheet metal. This enables an individual piece of sheet metal to be pulled forward without force and with less effort.