Heavy Duty sliding shelves | Model 1000

  • ergonomic handling
  • versatile
  • for all shelf systems 

Details: Heavy Duty sliding shelves

With Heavy Duty sliding shelves, you can conveniently store heavy loads (Up to 1,500 kg for sectional sliding shelves or Up to 1,200 kg for full sliding shelves) on the floors from above, with a crane or lift truck. Our Models 1001, 4007 or 5003 offer you higher load capacities.

Heavy Duty sliding shelves are used in small tool storehouses, in the assembly division or in machine-proximate storage. This enables the convenient and quick proper positioning of even the heaviest parts by way of simple hoisting devices.

The Heavy Duty sliding shelves can also be screwed onto the sides of pallet shelf stands, or clamped from above onto pallet girders. The subsequent assembly in external systems is also possible.

The following versions of Heavy Duty sliding shelves are available to you:

  • Sectional sliding shelves, single- and dual-sided
  • Full sliding shelves, single- and dual-sided

You will receive various profile thicknesses to match the given load capacity and return depth.


Supply shelf in a vehicle manufacturer’s assembly division (le), Heavy Duty sliding shelves (ri)


Configured individually

According to the given requirements, the use surfaces can be designed with a smooth sheet coating, with edges at any height (single- or multi-sided), with wooden coatings, centering edges, centering tracks – or as a simple supporting frame. If the storage goods so require, rigid or removable sub-dividers can be applied to the use surface, along with prism support plates or similar devices.

Heavy Duty sliding shelves are then delivered with individual latches. These are typically applied to one side, on the left. Yet for special requirements, there are also dual-sided latches. Sectional sliding shelves can be arrested in the extracted position upon request. For Heavy Duty sliding shelves in shelf blocks, an individual pull-out blocker is available; then, only one drawer per shelf bay can be pulled out. (This is not for Heavy Duty sliding shelves which are clamped on pallet girders.)

For higher storehouses or high frequencies, it is possible to pull the drawers out with the aid of a tension rod – in this process, the operator can move the load at a favourable heights.

Additional fixtures such as e.g. crane installations or ladder systems to be able to also work in higher storage slots are available upon request.