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Single-slot pallet shelf | Model 4001

  • flexible
  • durable
  • optimally suited for container storehouses
  • shelf installation for set-up indoors or outdoors

Details: Single-slot pallet shelf | Model 4001

Single-slot pallet shelf systems offer the benefit of individually-optimised height grids, adjustable to any storage goods. This is commonly used, for instance, in tool storehouses. By way of various placement profiles, not only Euro- Pallets or grid boxes can be stored – but rather, all types of containers and shelf-boards.

The welded shelf stand profiles offer by way of their sufficient material thickness a great deal of resistance against most impacts which occur in operations (e.g. from forklifts). Various shelf stand types and support plates offer every customer an optimum solution. If the load capacity is insufficient, then we recommend our shelf types 5004, 5005 or 5006.

The shelf stands are profiled with rolled “U” profiles (4 mm thick) and welded to the baseplate as well as to the lengthwise and/or diagonal beams.


Two various profile widths (70 and 100 mm) and reinforcement profiles offer an optimum size for any use case. As a standard parameter, this enables the realisation of load capacities up to max. 24,200 kg per shelf stand – and even higher capacities by way of additional measures.
Standard grid dimensions 50:50 mm

The bracket support plates are then mounted by way of an assembly-friendly custom-made console. The profile types are selected in accordance with the requested sectional loads, bay widths and storage goods. They are manufactured of heat-rolled angular profiles or sheet metal. Specific fixtures (such as e.g. cable-drum or coil support plates) create optimum storehouse shapes for specific storage goods.

Additional fixtures for the single-slot pallet shelf and other pallet shelf systems are found in the item “Fixtures for pallet shelf systems“.