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Maximum-load pallet shelf | Model 5004

  • the highest load capacities
  • highly durable
  • up to 18,000 kg sectional load
  • bay section load: max. 41,520 kg
  • shelf installation for set-up indoors or outdoors

Details: Maximum-load pallet shelf

The maximum-load pallet shelf stands are made of heat-rolled “U” profiles according to DIN 1026 and attached to a base plate. As a standard capacity, load capacities up to max. 41,520 kg pro shelf stands can then be implemented with a max. sectional load of up to 18,000 kg. Standard grid dimensions 100:100 mm.

The pallet girders are then designed with a custom-made, assembly-friendly console and attached with screws. This results in increased load capacities. The profiles are selected in accordance with the requested sectional loads and bay widths. Most of them are made of heat-rolled IPE beams.

Additional fixtures for these and other pallet shelf systems are found in the section “Fixtures for pallet shelf systems “.