Roller floors | Model 1001

  • ergonomic handling
  • very high ultimate loads

Details: Roller floors | Model 1001

With roller floors, you can conveniently store heavy loads by way of a crane or lift truck from above, on the floors. At high load capacities (starting at approx. 2,000 kg), one can extend the roller floors with actuator motors at the touch of a button.

The use areas for the roller floors and the version variants match Model 1000. The floors can be placed onto the shelf with and without guidance. For highly uneven floors, we recommend countersunk steel-nut tracks to enable the push of the roller cart with littler effort. For roller floors with guidance, latching is possible which is unlatched via foot pedal, Bowden pulley or tensile rod. The tensile rod can be fixed or foldable, straight or joggled.


Left: Supply area on an assembly line , right: Construction materials in the sales area of a DIY store