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  • Directions

Sliding shelf systems | Model VSR

  • only one operation cycle necessary
  • suitable for all shelf systems
  • electrical or manual
  • also without tracks in the floor

Details: Sliding shelf systems | Model VSR

By way of sliding shelf systems, you can store goods in an even more compact form, since only one work process must be available. With that, one often saves 40% and more space for the storehouse which is then available to other areas – or may not even have to be built.

By way of modern controls and components (such as e.g. remote control units), the intervals for moving the shelves can be shortened to the greatest possible extent. Of course, the controls include all components required according to the current European norms and guidelines.

As an alternative, the shelf can also be manually moved. This is even possible without a crank on lightweight carts (up to max. 2,000 kg cart load). For carts with up to max. 5,000 kg cart load or for low slackness values, the shelf can be moved with a crank. For heavy carts (or upon request), the actuator is electrical.

Typically, travel tracks are applied to the sub-surface, which feature different cross-sections and structures based on the given weight of the carts. For new structures, the tracks are applied to foundation strips – or a matching slit is milled into the floor.

The most affordable variant is created in the course of the project, in co-operation with the partners involved (e. g. architects).

As an alternative for lighter carts, a solution without travel tracks is also possible. Then, the shelves travel on the hall or office floor. The guidance can then occur on a front side (wall side) or on the ceiling.

On the sliding shelf cart, all types of shelves can be assembled.

Another interesting variant: crosswise-sliding shelves. In this variant, the shelf moves to the forklift operation cycle. This is a good alternative for extremely heavy goods (or also elongated-goods storage). The shelves are set up e. g. in unused hall niches.