Heavy Duty roll-out shelf | Model 5003

  • elongated-goods storage with the crane
  • utilisation of the hall’s height to its full capacity

Heavy Duty roll-out shelf: Shelf installation for set-up indoors or outdoors

With the Heavy Duty roll-out shelf, heavy lengthwise goods or machine parts can be conveniently stored from above, by way of a conventional crane.

We achieve the optimum solution for your company with numerous variants and a large fixtures selection. At great storage heights, an integrated ladder serves as an aid in safely reaching even very high levels.

From a central control column, you activate the individual cantilevers at the touch of a button, via an electric actuator. The safety equipment corresponds to the current European norms. The assembly of the structural components is performed within the shortest possible time, on-site. Also, the controls are wired plug-ready; that is to say, immediately ready for use.

Accessoires for Heavy Duty roll-out shelf (Model 5003)

The following fixtures are available:

  • plate-metal basins
  • profile cartridges

  • attachable compartment dividers with fixed or variable spacing
  • attachment bolts for extension arms
  • coverings for roof placement
  • attachable roll safeguards for roof placement