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Cantilever shelf installation | Model 5002

  • versatile applications
  • durable
  • shelf installation for set-up indoors or outdoors


Details: Cantilever shelf installation

The shelf stands consist of heat-rolled IPE profiles according to DIN 1025. They are designed in the range from IPE 100 to IPE 140, non-perforated and with clamped arms. All other profile sizes are perforated. Standard grid dimensions 100:100 mm

Footrests are screwed onto the shelf rod – or welded. Standard version without a tyre guard. As an alternative, a tyre guard can be designed with semi-circular profiles.

A lift truck guide track can be attached affordably and by a stable fixture – directly to the footrest. Here, there are different variants (angular, “U”, flat or “H” tracks), based on the given lift truck.

The cantilevers consist of rectangular tubing, round tubing or IPE profiles. Based on the use case, anti-roll safeguards or head cups are available. The arms can be arranged diagonally and flexibly extended to enable operation by crane.

For rectangular tubing, sub-division can be performed with drill hole inserts – for other types of profiles, for instance, insertion sleeves are welded to the sides.

Additional fixtures for cantilever shelf installation

As an anti-roll safeguard or a sub-dividing option, we offer bolts. These are also available in a divided version (e.g. 2 x 300 mm for 600 mm total length). Based on the given size and weight, different dimensions are possible here.

For pallets or similar goods, arm bridges can be screwed on between the cantilevers. These are mostly level and flush with the cantilevers, sometimes also in the shape of a prism. You can equip the levels with grid grates. Other types of covering (e.g. with a plywood slab) are also possible.

Additional fixtures for cantilever shelf installation are found in the section “Fixtures for pallet shelf systems“.