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Shelving operation devices

  • durable
  • versatile
  • affordable
  • load acceptors
  • custom-made

Benefits of our shelving operation devices

  • a very narrow aisle width (aisle width = load depth + approx. 1000 mm; for downward-facing Europallets, we require approx. 2,200 mm)
  • wide load capacity range due to various installation sizes (20 – 6,000 kg)
  • hoist heights up to max. 9,000 mm
  • lane widths up to max. 20,000 mm
  • manual operation enables commissioning operation in the same gear
  • No floor-mounted tracks: The shelving operation devices are top-mounted. That avoids swaying movements (e.g. on damaged surfaces).
  • Very small start-up dimensions utilise the available space heights to an optimum extent.
  • The right fixtures allow you to make optimum use

With shelving operation devices, you can place nearly any load into the corresponding shelf system – conveniently and in the smallest-possible space. From cartons in a small retail storehouse to heavy tools in a foundry facility. Shelving operation devices enable you to avoid any non-ergonomic or non-permissible hoisting work. That protects your employees and enables them to organise their work more effectively. Due to the highly durable structure, the availability of these devices is particularly high. However, if a failure should nevertheless occur (e.g. due to an accident), the facility’s preventive maintenance team can almost always repair the device.

Varied and individual

Usually, the shelving operation devices are set onto travel tracks which are attached to the shelf. Sometimes, already existing crane tracks are used, track systems are hung from the ceiling or a half-portal is built (on which one side of the shelving operation device travels on the floor). Also, relocation installations can be realised in which the shelving operation device from aisle to aisle with a custom moving cart.

You can attain a long-term power supply with current tracks, which avoid failure intervals prompted by battery-charging durations (or by expensive battery change after just a few years). Energy chains are installed for devices with EX safeguard certification.

The basic version of the running cart is manually operable. Upon request, you will also receive the variant equipped with an electric actuator.

You can manually move and/or turn the mast running cart with its ball steering collar (or, upon request, in electric mode). The manual version stops each time after a 90° rotation which in turn warrants the exact travel to the shelf. The two-stage lift motor is integrated in the lift mast.

The operation buttons are attached in an ergonomically-suitable position; fixtures such as height indicator bands, camera installations or automatic height pre-selection are possible. The main controls are integrated in the lift mast. With that, all material components are quickly accessible for maintenance.

You can individually design the load acceptance with the optimum solution for your applications: manually- or electrically-adjustable fork arms, vat clamps, rotating container gripers, carpet bolts, vacuum extractors, telescope-equipped lift masts or hydraulic tilt devices etc.