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Platform lifts

  • very affordable solution
  • low space loss at the floor level

Details about platform lifts

With platform lifts, all platform-equipped storehouses can be operated quickly, effectively and with a space saving method. Particularly in small storehouses, in spare-parts areas (yet also for larger tyre warehouses), the platform lifts quickly prove practical. Dimensions of the standard platform for manual loadings: 700 x 700 mm. Of course, other dimensions can also be implemented. Standard size for driveable platform lifts: 1300 x 900 mm. In this process, the platform is lowered to approx. 60 mm above the floor. Via a fold-out ramp on the platform, the pallet is then extractable with a fork-hoist cart. This is also a common solution for transfer carts.

When the platform is elevated, almost the entire floor area is once again available. No work area is blocked by way of barriers or partition walls. The lift is delivered ready to plug. The assembly can also be performed by the customer. Set up the device, attach it with dowels and plug it in – that’s all. By way of the constant power supply connection, there are no failure intervals due to battery charging or replacement. Expensive new batteries are also rendered unnecessary in later years.

A platform lift can also be subsequently assembled to an existing installation. The horizontal forces may only be transferred to the platform construction with suitable material.

As an alternative, platform loadings can also be implemented with a shelving operation device or with mere load lifts. Contact us! We will offer you the solution that is right for you.