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Cell-section shelf with shelving operation device LGLS / Model 4004 WR

  • the highest storage volume
  • ergonomic handling
  • the most compact elongated-goods storage

Details: Cell-section shelf | Model 4004 WR

The cell-section shelf | Model 4004 WR is particularly suitable for elongated-goods storage in mid-sized and large storehouses.

By way of the shelving operation device moving in front of the elongated-goods cell section, each cartridge can be brought to a transfer point without great effort. Also, for manual solutions, the load can be removed directly from the table on the shelving operation device. When transfer tables are used, these can be equipped according to the given requirements (with e.g. de-pallettisation devices). With that, the load can also be placed into the cartridges by lift truck. This is often possible in the goods-receiving area. It is also possible to use existing cartridge systems. In manual controls, the cartridges can also be unloaded manually, at the front. This enables the processing of even the smallest of orders without aid of the shelving operation device.

The inserted shelving operation devices require extremely little structural space – in the bottom area, only approx. 300 mm. In the head area, the spacing from the lower edge of the top cartridge to the top edge of the shelving operation device is approx. 500 mm.

Load capacity

The load capacities typically range from 1,000 kg to 15,000 kg. For higher load capacities and larger load widths, double- or quadruple-mast shelving operation devices are used. Upon request, a commissioning platform can also be attached. Then, the operator can handle the commissioning processes directly in the storehouse, without transporting the cartridges.

In areas with up to max. approx. 250 storehouse slots, manual controls are the most affordable alternative. The operator then rides along and can observe the exact storage and removal process by way of a camera. The controls for the shelving operation device relieve the operator in this regard as well, by way of partially automatic work sequences – e. g. the fine-tuned positioning in front of the compartment. Yet for larger installations, the shelving operation device can be controlled via full automation. As is the case for nearly all of our products, the shelving operation device also features manual controls for operation in an emergency, in the event that individual components fail.

Here, too, the fixtures (such as the fitting crane systems or transfer carts) can also be provided in any form by a single source.