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Cell-section shelf | Model 4004wm

  • for material bundles and heavy individual beams
  • high storage volume

Details: Cell-section shelf | Model 4004wm

The cell-section shelf is particular suitable for elongated-goods storage in small and mid-sized storehouses. The cartridge cell sections are then hoisted with a manual hoist cart and extracted. As an alternative, this can also be implemented with ground conveyors. In the extracted state, the load is then unloaded upward – e. g. by a crane. Individual rods are also manually removable at the front.

These cartridges are welded-on, autonomously stable structures. According to the requirements, the cartridges are then equipped with fixtures – such as e.g. compartment dividers or downward-facing beams. On the shelf, running rollers with maintenance-free ball bearings are used. The cartridges are extractable from one side – or also from both sides.


Additional fixtures such as crane installations or ladder systems to be able to reach higher storehouse slots are available upon request.