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About Lützenkirchen Lagertechnik

Lützenkirchen Lagertechnik plans, produces and assembles storehouse as well as facility equipment – in the process, we offer our customers everything from a single source. Managing Director Manfred Lützenkirchen – who has worked in this sector for more than 40 years – founded the company in 1983. With his team (meanwhile 25 employees), he manufactures custom warehouse and facility equipment currently in use by renowned companies worldwide. The primary focus of our production: the manufacturing of shelf systems with attached shelving operation devices and custom-designed structures. The company is based in Leichlingen, where production takes place on premises spanning 1600 sqm in all.

Lützenkirchen Lagertechnik
Lützenkirchen Lagertechnik in Leichlingen



Founding of the company

At the founding of the company, Manfred Lützenkirchen already had more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and selling warehouse technology solutions. His enormous expertise and a high level of creativity in solving specific warehouse requirements enabled him to steadily expand his business.

Mark Lützenkirchen joins the company.

Mark Lützenkirchen, son of the company founder and graduate engineer for mechanical engineering and welding specialist engineer, joins the company in 1990 and is appointed as managing director in 2008. He plays a decisive role in the internationalization of sales markets.

Move to the new production facility at Walter-Frese-Straße

Continuous growth makes it necessary to move to a bigger production site.

Expansion of the product portfolio with the staircase construction division


Further expansion of the production facility


Discontinuation of the staircase construction division


Start of restructuring in self-administration


Restart after successful completion of the restructuring process


Manfred Lützenkirchen is leaving the operative business.

Manfred & Mark Lützenkirchen

Mark Lützenkirchen

Mark Lützenkirchen

Managing Director (CTO/CSO)

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