• Walter-Frese-Str. 11, 42799 Leichlingen


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Platform installation designed as a steel structure | Model 2001

  • durable
  • high reinforcement widths
  • few cross bonds
  • for high loads with few inconvenient reinforcements

The simplest and quickest way to enlarge the storehouse and/or production areas: platform installations. These steel structures (made of warm- and cold-rolled profiles) can bear all types of loads based on the given level of strain and the purpose of use. Diverse fixtures such as pallet transfer slots, fences, sliding-gate installations or lighting, sockets etc. results in a solution which is complete and suitable for any requirement. The installation of crane installations, conveyance technology and similar structures is also possible.

The floor covering can consist of wooden, grid-grate or high-load-capacity combinations of trapezoidal metal plate and wood.