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Pallets and transport racks

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Pallets and transport racks

A large percentage of today’s material flow is handled with standard pallets and similar structures. For many applications, however, this is only somewhat or not at all practical. In many tool storehouses, a wooden shelf board with or without a plate covering is already sufficient. In addition, space at high altitudes is saved due to the lack of underpinned height. Yet also for heavy tools which are brought by way of pallets from the tool storehouse to the processing machine, standard wooden pallets are often impractical, since these are often not designed for such loads.

We supply to you each pallet with each attachment, customized to suit your needs. We provide this service from the very first unit, just as for all of our other products.

Welded, custom-designed pallets with maximum load capacities, integrated fork pockets, custom coverings, pallets with and without a slip guard – we will provide your individual solution.

One of our company’s specialties: Core shelves as a transport unit, with angular bearing profiles, foldable floors, pull-out drawers operable from one side or both sides. The core-equipped shelves have various underpinning options (e.g. underpinning heights. adapted to utility platforms).

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Paletten und Transportgestelle